Screen Recorder software. Introduction

Screen Recorder is a useful program that allows recording all that is happening on your computer screen, as if you are recording your favorite TV show. It will capture everything: how you move your mouse cursor, how you close and open new windows and all your other actions including sounds that accompany them. This kind of software is very popular among YouTube users who post video tutorials on how to use new programs, how to beat a powerful boss in a game and other computer connected videos. If you are willing to share your experience with other PC users, then you absolutely need some help of Screen Recorder. It is better to show how to do something once than to explain it.

If you don’t have any screen recorder yet, use our open source screen recording software. It is light in its size and very easy to operate. Once you launch this Screen Recorder, you will be able to record everything that is taking place on your computer monitor. To get our Screen Recorder on your computer you don’t have to sign up for anything and become a member of our community or fulfil any other unnecessary tricks. We provide our software at zero charge, we work to improve your user experience and make your work with computer more pleasant and easy.

Screen Recorder also helps you to choose the area you want to be recorded. This function is available as soon as you open the software and it's ready to be used/

Click on large Download button to get the program on your computer and wait until the file is fully saved. Both downloading and installation doesn’t take long. To install the program go to the folder where the downloaded file is located and double-click on it.

Program's interface is very clear and using it is pretty easy. We tried to customize the interface so that even newbies could easily navigate and make use of this software tool. No extra buttons or unnecessary settings to be optimized.

If you don’t have enough memory on your hard drive or you are worried that Screen Recorder can slow down your machine then you should know that since the program is very compact, it won't give you hard time trying to find some place where it can be saved to.

Our Screen Recorder is one of the best alternatives to its paid analogs. Don’t hesitate to give it a try. You get a free, fast working and powerful tool that will help you to record your screen without any difficulties.